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Residential and Commercial Roofing

The Roof Doctor is your choice for commercial roof systems. We have the best material and workmanship in the business. We offer different systems for different needs with reliable warranties.  Let us save you some money and time by doing your roof affordably and fast.


roof-docto-coatingsr-commercial-residential-roof-and-roofing-repairs-richmond-virginiaRoof coatings are a premier way to extend the life of an existing roof and can also salvage a drying roof system. The Roof Doctor knows the difference and, most importantly, the proper way to install them. We use brushes and rollers to ensure...


the-roof-doctor-residential-roofing-commercial-residential-roof-and-roofing-repairs-richmond-virginiaThe Roof Doctor is your residential roofing choice. We are clean, fast and affordable.  Let us show you how to get the heat and cold out of your attic and keep your house free of mold.  Lifetime warranties are available, when you let us...

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